Cancel Paw Patrol?


I woke up this morning, rolled over and reached for my phone. As I do every morning, I instantly checked my messages and then went to Facebook. What’s the first thing I saw? CANCEL PAW PATROL. Are you shitting me?(whoops first bad word, there will be more in this post, I’m pissed) Paw Patrol is being called to cancel due to the “good cop” persona one of the characters displays. Out of every show out there, you’re singling out a CHILDRENS CARTOON? Let me give you a little back story. Paw Patrol is a TV show that shows Ryder, a kid, and his pups go out to save the day. The pups are Chase(the police pup), Marshall(the fire dog), Skye, Zuma, Rubble, Tracker, Rocky, Everest. They go out in Adventure Bay to save the day. This information was not provided by Google, but was provided by my spunky Paw Patrol loving 4 year old.

Paw Patrol is being called to cancel because the police aspect one pup gives, a GOOD cop that does GOOD THINGS. Now listen, I understand certain shows being pulled due to violence and criminal activites displayed, but A CHILDRENS TV SHOW? Why do you want to punish CHILDREN yet still have VIOLENCE movies on TV? Why are we nit picking and picking on the most INNOCENT people out there? What point are they trying to prove? That the can piss off America? Good job aiming at our children and our next generation that is the HOPE this country has! What’s next? Wheel of Fortune and The Price is Right? Might as well piss off the elderly that live for those shows(no shame, I also do too, some of my favorites), so that the Pre-Schools and Nursing Homes can riot together! Whoever is pulling for the cartoon to be pulled, needs to pull their heads out of their asses and realize their priorities are in the wrong place!

If you’ve read any of my past blogs or know me in real life you know that my husband is deployed to the Middle East. We have a 4 year old and two soon to be 3 year olds(yeah you read that right, the twins turn 3 in less than 2 weeks), they have had to go through some major changes at such a young age and miss their dad, what’s their escape? PAW PATROL. Because those characters are “GOOD GUYS LIKE DADDY” words directly from Gracelyns mouth. She loves that show and leans on it, I use it to distract her when she’s having a rough night. Millions of children are exactly the same way. What’s the point of taking away their INNOCENT SHOWS? What’s next, Doc McStuffins because there’s a few bad doctors? Or because there’s a dragon and dragons are bad? Stop and think about how absolutely ridiculous it is to cancel a show for children. They won’t understand why it’s cancelled. My children are well aware BLACK LIVES MATTER, but do you think this is what Mr. Floyd would have wanted? A childrens show, millions of children to be upset because they can’t see Chase anymore, because a bad cop killed him? No, I feel confident in saying Mr. Floyd would not have wanted a childrens show cancelled due to his murder. I feel he would agree with demanding change, which MOST OF AMERICA, WHITE AND BLACK, want and DEMAND.



I stand with the Thin Blue Line forever tattooed on my body. Why? Because I’ve seen the sacrifice the GOOD officers have done. I’ve lost a friend in the line of duty. I know what calls the officers take that the public are unaware of. The mental trauma they suffer from serious calls that are silently taken and no one is made aware of. I would like to share a post I read on Facebook from another person, I stand also by these words.

Facebook Post by Gregory Lovell-

“Since we are all on a “privilege” kick…I am surprised no one has brought this one up yet….
You, especially those who are shouting for “police reform”…”defunding”…and “disbanding” agencies, your privelege is showing.

You, my friend, have COP PRIVILEGE.

Yep. You are so privileged, you don’t even REALIZE the privilege of having officers who keep your society civil.

Because it’s all done behind the scenes. It’s done while you sleep peacefully at night and work at your jobs. It’s done as you enjoy your kids extra curricular activities and family parties. It’s done while you enjoy a fun trip to the mall or movie theatre.

It’s done as you enjoy the basic freedoms of a civil society. But apparently it’s so civil that you don’t even realize that it’s because of the police that you live this way.

Don’t believe me? Ask a local officer what calls they have gone on that most of society is unaware of.

Pedophiles, robberies, rape, assault, child abuse, suicides, domestic violence, neglect, mental illness, DUI, drugs, car accidents, and the list goes on and on. All happening in your area while you resume normal life.

Calls where people are victims and begging for help. Calls where if police don’t respond can leave innocent lives hurt or killed.

And the people who HAVE had to utilize police for help because they are a victim….aren’t the ones shouting how awful police are. Why is that? BECAUSE THEY KNOW THE PRIVILEGE THAT POLICE ARE BECAUSE THEY WERE SAVED BY THEM.

If you haven’t had to utilize the police, it’s easy to be ignorant and think they are robots who have used excessive force because of what the media will tell you.

But maybe….just maybe…you should be speaking to the people who are victims and the police helped save them…and get their perspective. Because I have yet to meet someone whose life has been blatantly saved from officers say any of this nonsense about police.

Its’s one of two groups who hate police. It’s criminals who often interact with police and are annoyed that their criminal behavior is being stopped and the other are those who truly ignorant and have benefited from all the behind the scenes work. Which goes to show you how much is going on behind the scenes that you don’t even realize how many people are truly saved each day from officers responding to calls.

Not to mention the proactive policing that saves victims before they become victims.

And heaven forbid, those who hate police ever actually need the police from another human infringing on their rights…because their tune would change in a hurry.

And if you are one of those who does hate the police…your privilege is showing.”


The men and women in uniform, BLACK and WHITE, stand the same, they suffer the same in the line of work. I will scream it until I’m blue in the face, NOT ALL COP IS BAD, NOT ALL WHITE ARE RACIST, NOT ALL BLACK ARE CRIMINALS, STOP GROUPING INDIVIDUALS TOGETHER! Hold those who are bad accountable and those who are innocent, INNOCENT LIKE OUR CHILDREN.

So now, I want to know which overly sensitive fuck stick is going to be telling my children their favorite TV show is cancelled because A PUPPY IS A COP! And when my 4 year old has some choice words for them, I hope they’re prepared to explain it to her and take the wrath that is going to be coming from this sassy spitfire.


A mother who is beyond pissed because ADULTS are now picking on CHILDREN!!!!

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