Because Of You, I Back The Blue.

“He didn’t make it. Troy, he didn’t make it”. Those were the first words said to me as I got to work the afternoon of June 25, 2019. It was the fastest I had ever made it from my house to the Sheriff’s Office and I was met at the door by my coworker Megan. She said those words and confirmed my fear. Troy was gone. What? Why? How? No. So many emotions quickly crept up as I entered the hall to dispatch. The silence screamed so loud, the coolness in the air was heavy and the emotions were overwhelming. I entered dispatch and was greeted by a room filled with people. Somber sad faces looked down. Silence all around. I saw the looks on my fellow dispatchers faces. The senior TC, who had been my mentor since I started was solid as always. He was firm, professional and stone but I could see how he felt. He faced away from us. I walked in, stood where there was space and could feel the tears coming. As I sniffled he looked at me and said “You can do this kid, you can do this”. I pulled myself together the best I could. My heart wept for his family. His wife, three daughters, our coworkers who witnessed the unthinkable. You see, Troy was the first person I met on my first day, he came in and introduced himself, gave me half his cookie and we made small talk. We connected instantly. We both have EMS backgrounds, both have three daughters and one of which is a Gracie. He married his sweetheart, was going on 20 years and he told me how he wanted to surprise her with a Vacation but he wasn’t sure where. We continued to bond over the next few months and each shift started with a Lenny & Larry’s Snickerdoodle cookie, then he’d go about his way in his positive spirit. He had a good heart, a good personality and a good vibe about him. Knowing Troy was such a blessing in multiple ways for many people, and by all the posts and stories I’ve read about him, it reassures how many lives he’s touched.

Deputy Chisum was responding with fellow deputies to a domestic dispute when he was shot and killed, meaning Troy responded to a call because someone’s safety was at risk. He and our coworkers rushed to assist whoever was in need and in return we lost one of our own. To think of what those on scene went through that day makes me cry for them. I witnessed how strong the men and women at the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office stood, how they stood together and supported each other. I saw how it effected each person and how the loss of our friend has changed them. I saw what you, the public doesn’t see.

We as a community are surrounded by amazing officers, whether it’s a small town department or county, we have great men and women that still respond even with the fear in the back of their mind. They continued on, protecting our community, because that’s who they are and that’s would Troy would have done. Troy was one of the best we had, because he did more than his share and continued to prove himself daily. He sacrificed many hours of sleep, time with his family, to work and serve our community. He was not only a paramedic, a deputy, fireman, CPR instructor, he was apart of multiple quick response units for our county and state. He did everything he could to be involved with life and protecting. While it sounds like work was his life, his life were three girls and his wife. He worked hard to give them the best life, to give them someone to be proud of. He told me that his oldest daughter was starting at FCEMA with him and that she makes him so proud, but he didn’t want to tell her and put pressure on her. He was proud of his girls, athletes and they have the same ambitious their dad has. I’m so glad they are apart of his to keep his spirit going. He radiated his proudness of his girls and how much he loved them. His family was his everything.

The Chisum Family

As I walked into work today, the air as heavy as it was on this day last year, the void is still there. The emptiness we all feel, is still there. Many times it feels like a dream and we wait for someone to wake us up from this nightmare but they never do. I continue to pray everyday for his family and our coworkers. The things they’ve seen and been through, yet stand strong is incredible. Because of Deputy Chisum, his ultimate sacrifice, his courage and strength, I Back The Blue. Because of the Officers, near and far, their willing to risk their lives to save others, I Back The Blue.

Deputy Chisum, Troy, FC16, 16, friend, we miss you more than words can express. I cannot thank you enough for the guidance and advice the few months I was blessed to work with you. We will continue to keep your spirit alive and I promised to remind Megan of the now two times you saved her life. You are our hero, guardian angel, protector from above and will forever be our FC16.


Candyce 🖤💙

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